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Preventative Maintenance


United Compactor & Baler offers a full preventative maintenance program, which provides a thorough inspection of your equipment.

The inspection includes testing of the following:

  • Entire hydraulic and electrical system
  • Checking for leaks and weak spots in hoses
  • Condition of the hydraulic oil
  • Greasing all moving parts
  • Cleaning out material behind the ram

We provide a detailed report of our findings and, if needed, recommend repairs and a no obligation cost estimate.

Problems detected during an inspection usually result in a much lower repair cost and prevent a loss of downtime to your equipment which is why we highly recommend these services.



United Compactor & Baler is a different type of compaction company. We have some of  the industry best experts and offer only the highest quality service to our customers.

Regardless of the brand our technicians are qualified to service and repair any brand system. Our solutions are innovative, while at the same time being based on industry knowledge and experience. With our custom on site welding fabrications and large inventory of parts  there is always an affordable solution to any problem.

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Odor and Pest Control


Operator Training



We custom fabricate all installations to meet our customer's individual needs for maximum production and user safety.

We begin by  doing a site assessment  to help our clients choose which system will benefit them most. We offer a variety of compaction options tailored to your specific needs.

Stationary Compactors: most common choice for Industrial Facilities, Department Stores, and some Office Buildings. Suitable for dry waste, recyclable materials and large bulky items.

Self Contained Compactors: most common choice for Grocery Stores, Hotels, Hospitals and Restaurants with liquid waste. Helps  to minimize odors.

Vertical Balers: most common choice for Retail, Malls, Hospitals, and Manufacturing Companies. Compresses cardboard and paper tightly to help turn your Recyclables into cash!

“Call us today for  fast, reliable and dependable

service you can count on!” (978) 352-9600

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